TF-X574-BLK_Men 9.5 D(M) Tesla Men’s Knit Pattern Sports Running Shoes X574 ( True to Size )


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True to size: Order usual size

Exceptional cushioning and shock absorbent fit
Groove design for excellent traction and grip for running and other various workouts. PU upper on each side for security

Low profile design
Sleek low profile design for balance and centering with internal foam padding around the heals designed to keep foot in place.

Flex groove (Flexible movement- flex groove sole)
Flex groove sole with hydro-grip outsole provides excellent traction and stability for various surfaces and terrains. Multi-directional flexible groove and cushioned insole gives balance during sports activities.

Knit Vamp
Constructed using Vamp materials that are more durable than regualr knit materials and provides better ventilation and breathability

Circular Air breathable design
Provides air circulation and support even during strenuous activities.

Heel Loop Band
Use to pull on the shoe as to not damage or the crush the heel counter.* Alert : True to size ! Recommend ordering usual shoe size
ex: usual size MEN 7 (D) > MEN 7(D)
* 0.5 size up for Customer’s with very wide feet
ex: usual size MEN 7(4E) > MEN 7.5(D)
*****12th October, 2017 Updated size guide based on customer’s comments*


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